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Fire Watchman Training Course (FWTC)

Course Fee:

Fire Watchman Training course - $80 Nett
*No funding for this course.


FWTC training course is for participant whom need to become a Fire Watchmen. All work activities declared under hot works require at least one appointed trained fire watchman when apply for hot work permit.

As part of SG Secure in related to public and workplace emergency, it has been proven that a well-trained workforce not only reduces the risk of fire, but in the event of one, responds quickly and effectively to minimize the damage.


For workers or any site personnel to be appointed as a Fire Watchman when apply for Hot work permit.


Able to read and write English


At the end of training, the trainee(s) who are attending this course will successfully complete the following:


  • Responsibilities of Fire Watcher

  • Types of hot work

  • Basic concepts and behaviour of fire

  • Classes of fire on the basis of extinguishing materials

  • Use of fire extinguisher to fight initial fire

  • Rescue actions to take when a fire breaks out (CERT context)

  • Fire Prevention



Medium of Instruction: English

Duration: (2 Hours) Including 30 minutes of Practical Demonstration

Class Size: 20pax

Venue:  821 Bukit Batok West Ave 5, Singapore 659087



FWTC Safety Pass and Certificate of attendance endorsed by UBTS will be awarded to participants who successfully completed the course and passed the practical performance